Savannah Fun Tours

Team Building/Optional Activities

Savannah GA Scavenger Hunt


At Savannah Fun Tours we specialize in creating fun, memorable outings that your participants will be talking about! Since our tours are custom designed and privately held for your group, we can tailor any of our offerings to you! We can coordinate with local bars and restaurants to create a “one stop” evening outing that is worry free for you. Don’t see exactly what you want from the options below? No problems – we can come up with the perfect event for YOU – just give us a call.

Savannah’s Secrets Scavenger Hunt


Savannah ToursThis 2 – 3 hour event breaks your large group into smaller, competitive teams that work together (and against the clock) to garner points by finding and photographing historic spots, unique landmarks, interesting people and popular shops & bars (if appropriate). We can also include information about your company or conference to reinforce any key learning you want people to leave with. If you want to make this longer (or more challenging) we can blend in the use of public and private transportation to “stretch” your group. Your participants will have so much fun they won’t realize they learned something about Savannah AND participated in teambuilding!
Fee will be based on $10 – $15 pp with a $150 minimum (plus any transportation expenses).



Hunting for a Worthy Cause


public hunt 2Want to create a win-win-win experience for your group? This is it! In this custom hunt, teams will learn about Savannah, grow closer and help a worthy cause. Teams will use clues to “collect” information or items that will be given back to a relevant charitable organization. While the team with the highest points will “win”, everyone will be winners in this game. We work with a variety of charities – deployed soldiers, underprivileged youth, rescued pets, or a group that is close to your heart – so that we can make this an event that will be meaningful and FUN!
Fee will be based on $10 – $15 pp with a $150 minimum plus the cost of the donated items.